Timetable of Regular Programmes

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The YMCA of Hong Kong Swimming Academy aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing a comprehensive swimming programme that addresses different age groups, from infants to masters, catered for the changing needs at different stages of life. We serve our society by providing a safe and hygienic environment, and through our extensive curriculum, to help develop confidence, perseverance, positive attitude and team spirit of participants and our society.

Our Instructors
All YMCA of Hong Kong swimming instructors are certified swimming teachers of the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association, the Hong Kong Swimming Teachers' Association, or the Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Association.

Programme Structure

Programme Description

Infant & Pre-Schoolers Programmes

Age Group Achievement
Aqua-tots 6-18 months
  • Introduction to buoyancy
  • Develop legs strength
  • Balance in water
Aqua-tots 19-35 months
  • Floating, kicking, breath exchange
  • Retrieving objects underwater
Aqua-naut Level One 3-5
  • Breathing in water
  • Basic flutter kick
  • Face-down flotation
Aqua-naut Level Two 3-5
  • Breathing holding
  • Flutter kick, return to vertical from floating
  • Assisted face-up flotation
Aqua-naut Level Three 3-5
  • Face-down kick 5m
  • Back float
Aqua-naut Level Four 3-5
  • 5m front crawl no breathing
  • 2-3m back kick
Aqua-naut Level Five 3-5
  • 10m front crawl
  • 5m back kick
Aqua-naut Level Six 3-5
  • 15m front crawl
  • 10m back kick

Children & Youth Programmes

Age Group Achievement
Otter 6-15
  • 10 sec hold breath
  • 8m front crawl no breath
  • 5 sec back float
Seal 6-15
  • 15m front crawl with breath
  • 10m back kick
Dolphin 6-15
  • 25m front crawl
  • 25m back crawl
Star One 6-15
  • 50m front crawl
  • 50m back crawl
  • Introduction to breaststroke kick
Star Two 6-15
  • 50m front crawl
  • 50m back crawl
  • Introducton to breaststroke
Star Three 6-15
  • 100m front crawl
  • 100m back crawl
  • 50m breaststroke
Star Four 6-15
  • 100m front crawl & 100m back crawl
  • 100m breakstroke
  • 15m butterfly kick
Star Five 6-15
  • 100m front crawl & 100m back crawl
  • 100m breakstroke
  • 15m butterfly
Star Six 6-15
  • 200m front crawl
  • 100m back crawl
  • 100m breaststroke
  • 25m butterfly

Teen & Adult Programmes

Swimming Lessons Age Group Achievement
Beginners /
Ladies Beginners
  • Introduction to buoyancy
  • Front and back floating
  • Kicking, arm strokes
Intermediate 16-54
  • Orientation to deep water
  • Develop techniques of front, back crawl and breaststroke
Advanced 16-54
  • Strengthen and consolidate techniques of all strokes

Teen & Adult Aqua Fitness Programmes

Age Group Achievement
Aqua-Stretching 16+
  • Enhance muscle relaxation
  • Improve chronic pain
  • Improve fibromyalgia
Aqua Aerobics 16+
  • Medium to high intensity aerobics with water resistance
Aqua Aerobics Deep Water Training 16+
  • Focuses on high-intensity aerobic training
  • Deep water running to help improve endurance
  • Reduce joint stress

Master Programmes

Swimming / Aqua Lessons Age Group Achievement
Beginners 55+
  • Introduction to buoyancy
  • Front and back floating
  • Kicking, arm strokes
Intermediate 55+
  • Orientation to deep water
  • Develop techniques of front, back crawl and breaststroke
Aquacise 55+
  • Low intensity stretching and aerobics with water resistance

On-going Swimming Programmes

Our On-going Programmes provide year-round exercise and training, unlike the Regular Programmes which have breaks between quarters. This is essential for team training and individuals who prefer to exercise regularly.

Shark Level is designed for participants who have successfully completed our Swimming Academy’s Progressive Swimming Programme, and who wish to continue refining their skills or improve their proficiency once a week, without committing to team training. Shark Level is further separated into Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark and Great White Shark levels according to each participant's swimming abilities. Participants only need to enrol once each year, and attend weekly lessons with the same schedule under the same instructor for the duration of the year. Course fees, however, must be paid quarterly.

Age Group Achievement
Mako Shark 9-17
  • Refinement of all four strokes
  • Enhancement of endurance
Hammerhead Shark 9-17
  • Refinement of all four strokes
  • Competitive turns
  • Enhancement of endurance
Great White Shark 9-17
  • Competitive starts and turns
  • Enhancement of endurance
  • Speed training

Private Coaching

Private coaching will provide you with a unique, tailor-made curriculum, specially designed according to your strength and personal needs. Private coaching allows greater flexibility and freedom of choice on your prefered coaches and class time. All levels of swimmers and non-swimmers are welcome to join. 


Make appointment for Private Coaching:

Tel2268 7010
Emailaquatics@ymcahk.org.hk (with subject "Make appointmet for Private Coaching")

Swimming Academy Assessment Appointment

New applicants or those who do not have a valid report slip are required to undergo a Swimming Assessment in order to enroll in our programmes. Please contact the Aquatics unit at 2268 7010 during office hours for appointment.

Specialty Telephone Fees
Swimming 2268 7010 $40

*Assessment scheduled please refer to Y's Choices, please download here