Timetable of Regular Programmes

You may download the Quarterly Y's Choices for details:

Quarter 3, 2022Quarter 1, 2022


The Sports and Recreation Unit aims to provide professional training for different age groups in a safe environment, through rigorous and comprehensive educational programmes that allow participants to learn different kinds of sports. The physical education curriculum not only enable participants to learn specific sports skills, but also build confidence, strengthen their will, embrace positive thinking and cultivate team spirit.


The Gymnastics programmes are designed for participants as young as 13 months old and progressively advance to the competitive level.

Programme Structure


Our badminton programmes are designed for children age 3 and above, to build up children's interest for badminton through easy and fun games. Adults who have already acquired basis badminton skills are also welcome to join our badminton courses or groups.

Programme Structure


The YMCA Basketball Training Scheme aims at cultivating students’ discipline, trust and respect. Moreover, students are challenged to improve their skills through advancing in the promotion system.

Programme Structure


Tawkwondo is a traditional form of Korean Martial Arts which empasizes on lower limb training. It is a martial arts sport that combines physical fitness, workout, and self-defence.

Programme Content

The programme consists of patterns, kicking, punching, blocking, self-defence and sparring techniques. At the same time, it attaches importance to fostering good moral character and self-discipline of the participants.

Assessment Appointment

Assessment are not required for those joinning beginners' levels. For other levels, assessments are required in order to match the participants' skills to situable levels.

Assessment Events Telephone Fees
Gymnastics 2268 7087 $40
Basketball 2268 7087 $40
Badminton 2268 7087 $40

Other Sports Programmes

Please refer to the quarterly Y's Choices for more sports programmes.