Timetable of Regular Programmes

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QUARTER 4, 2023QUARTER 3, 2023

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Programme Structure

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Programme Description

Age Group Target
Children and Youth Sport Climbing Course 6-12
  • Learn the basic climbing skills 
  • Train their physical coordination through the programme
  • Enhance their confidence and team spirit
Children and Youth Sport Climbing Training Group      8-13
  • Participants who have completed Level 3 training programme
  • Improve their physical condition
  • Take part in climbing competitions representing YMCA of Hong Kong
Teenager Sport Climbing Training Scheme 13-17
  • Correct climbing concept
  • Develop their climbing interests
  • Enhance participants' independence and confidence
Adult Sport Climbing Course
- Introductory Course (3-hours)
  • Introducing basic climbing and belaying techniques for beginners
  • Climbing assessment
  • After passing the assessment, climbers can use the wall facilities with day pass tickets during operation hours
Adult Sport Climbing Course
- Level 1 (11-hours)
  • Basic "Top Rope" climbing certificate training
  • Participants will receive Sport Climbing Level 1 Certificate from China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union (Requirement: successfully completing the course and passing the test)
Adult Climbing Clinic Course
  • Further improve the climbing skills 
  • Train the body condition for Level 2 lead climbing course

Private Coaching

Everyone is unique and special. Private coaching can provide you the most suitable and customized training. In accordance with your strength and personal needs, we offer tailor-made unique curriculum for you. With higher flexibility and freedom of class time, you can have a great experience and skills during private coaching session. Anyone is welcome to join our private coaching regardless of climbing experience.


Welcome to book a session to experience the fun of climbing:

Make appointment for Private Coaching:

Tel2268 7062
climbing@ymcahk.org.hk (with subject "Make appointmet for Private Coaching")

Climbing Fun Day

Make an appointment for a Climbing fun day with your friends and co-workers.

Discount for schools and NGOs.

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Assessment Appointment

Specialty Telephone Fees Remarks
Top Roping Climbing Assessment 2268 7062
To use our Indoor Climbing Wall with day pass tickets, climbers need to pass the top roping assessment before head
Technical Assessment     2268 7062
For those have an invalid report slip are required to join our Technical Assessment to enrol for our programmes bearing the symbol