Programme Offer

Tailor-made programme could be offered to any interested party in YMCA or any premises provided e.g. school, hotel, corporation or club house.

•  Swimming

•  Aquacise

•  Badminton

•  Squash

•  Table-tennis

•  Mini-tennis

•  Basketball

•  Soccer

•  Soft-volley

•  Chinese Martial Arts

•  Tai Chi Chuen

•  Modern Marital Arts

•  Taekwondo

•  Karate

•  Judo

•  Gymnastics


Facilities Booking

Our facilities could be booked by external party in conducting event or facilities usage.


Job Reference

The Park Resort

•  Swimming

The Tregunter Club

•  Swimming, Sports Fun Day

The Redhill Peninsula Club

•  Swimming, Hip Hop Jazz

The Police Sports and Recreation Club

•  Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis, Rope Skipping, Soft Volleyball, Squash,Mini-Tennis, Pilates, Jazz, Aerobic, Ball Room Dance

The Police Officers' Club

•  Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel

•  Badminton, Tai Chi Chuen, Squash, Table Tennis

Hong Kong Vocational Center

•  Gymnastics, Indoor Soccer, Climbing, In-line Hockey, Tennis, Fitness Exercise

Kwong Wah Hospital - Yin Chun Club

•  Aquacise

Tak Sun School

•  Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chinese Martial Arts, Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Taekwondo

Kowloon Rhenish School

•  Swimming, Badminton, Mini-Tennis, Soft Volleyball, Golf, Climbing, In-line Skating, Tennis, Field Hockey, Squash

Methodist School

•  Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis, Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics, Chinese Martial Arts

Price Memorial Catholic Primary School

•  Swimming

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College

•  Swimming

YMCA of Hong Kong - International Kindergarten

•  Swimming

YMCA of Hong Kong - Domestic Helpers Unit

•  Swimming




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