2020.05.06 Reopening of sports facility and class arrangement under the COVID-19

Reopening of some sports facilities

In light of government's policy on lifting social distancing measures in relation to scheduled premises under Cap. 599F, some of the sports and recreational facilities of YMCAHK will resume operation with the below effective dates.

Reopening schedule

May 6 (Wed): Tennis Court, Outdoor Climbing wall and Changing rooms of King's Park Centenary Centre

May 8 (Fri): Fitness Centre and the associated changing room of TST Headquarters

May 11 (Mon)´╝ÜBadminton Court, Indoor Climbing wall, Squash Court and Family changing rooms of TST Headquarters; Inline Hockey Rink of King's Park Centenary Centre


*Other sports facilities and venues such as swimming pools and the male and female changing rooms, sauna room will continue to be closed until further notice.

Updates on class and programme arrangement

Taking into consideration of COVID-19 situation, Member and Community Services will continue class suspension arrangement UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. All activities/programmes/tournaments held in this period, with the exception of special arranged programmes, will be cancelled/re-scheduled. Class resumption of SPECIAL ARRANGED programmes will be considered in accordance with several factors, including but not limited to the size of class, mode of teaching, the course content, classroom setting and learning environment. Section in charge will contact members and participants who have joined these special arranged classes for further arrangement.

2268 7060 (TST Headquarters)
2782 6682 (King's Park Centenary Centre)