New Sports Free Trial on board!
Recently, KPCC has adapted 2 new activites for the sports lovers which are futsal and relaxation stretching.

Futsal is increasingly popular. It is simply a small-scale football game played indoor. Five players in a team with one as goalkeeper. 
Futsal focuses on quick possession and passing which requires ingenious skills and flair of players. 
Application for futsal free trial

Originated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, gentle stretches are designed to work effectively with the 12 primary organ systems of the body, by vitalising the 12 main meridian pathways, optimeising energy flow through the energetic system. 
Application form for Relaxation Stretching 
Relaxation Stretching

You may fill in the application form in the above links to enrol.
*Be reminded the futsal free trial is only available for children who aged 3-12 and the relaxation stretching is only for those aged 16 or above. *