2019.12.07 YMCA King's Park Futsal Tournament 2019 Futsal Tournament is coming at Christmas!
2019.11.04 Sports Fun Day on board, APPLY NOW! Sports Fun Days in December are now available.
2019.09.26 YMCA Tennis Tournament 2019 Desire to win
2019.08.07 YMCA X GMF Basketball Representative Team Selection Day Let us see your talent!
2019.07.04 The 3rd YMCA King's Park Kin-Ball Novice Competition Show the world what you've got!
2019.04.26 BBQ Party Let's having a BBQ time with your friends and family members !
2019.04.01 YMCA Children & Youth Sport Climbing Tournament 2019 Grasp this chance and unleash your potential!
2019.01.18 YMCA CO-COOKING SPACE Cook with your friends and share your dishes with enjoyment!