$120 Coupon for every three camp enrolments

Two Easy Steps:

Retain your enrolment numbers from YMCA of HK Camp Programmes.
Enter camper’s name, contact email, and the three enrolment numbers to receive a $120 programme coupon.

Camper's name (As shown on receipt)


Enrolment Numbers:

*Please allow 14 working days to process the reward coupon.

*Enrolments before May 2011 not applicable.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All enrolments must belong to the same individual.
  • Only enrolment numbers from YMCA of Hong Kong camp programme are accepted. (Course Code starts with: CPB/CPD/CPE/CPO/CPR/CPS/PCA/PCB/PCC/PCD/PCE/PCS/PCR/PCO/PCX) - course code with PCF/CPF are not accepted.
  • The camps can be accumulated through different seasons.
  • Each enrolment number can only be used once.
  • The coupon can be used together with other discount and coupon (unless listed otherwise).
  • The coupon can only be used toward YMCA of HK Camp programmes.
  • Completed camps are able to apply for the reward coupon.
  • One day programme and family programme cannot be applied for the reward coupon.
  • Due to substantial processing time for loyalty reward coupon, we do not accept application 10 working days before the commencement of enrolment day.