YMCA Sports Camp is more than sports skills training.

Campers can develop healthy and active life habits here, because we put an emphasis on teamwork and fair play while helping campers to understand sports fundamentals and learn new skills.

Our professional coaches and counselors work with campers closely, to develop their sporting talent and attitudes to be the best they can be.There are three phases in our sports camps, you can choose the phase according to your child’s development.

Phase One Age 5-7 Phase Two Age 7-10 Phase Three Age 11-14
  • First touch experience
  • Motor skills and eye-hand coordination development
  • Game-based sports activity with simple rules
  • Basic sports skills in specify sports activity
  • Individual skills development
  • Basic sports rules and regulations will be introduced
  • Encourage cooperation and sportsmanship
  • Sports culture and discipline
  • Advanced sports skills
  • Sports and games strategies; game plan and teamwork
  • Sports knowledge; history and theory
  • Debriefing time for self-reflection on proper attitude and outcome

Sports Camps we offer:

  • Multi-sports Day Camp
  • Go Girls All Star Sports Day Camp
  • Soccer Day Camp
  • Tennis Day Camp
  • Rugby Day Camp
  • Lacrosse Day Camp
  • Badminton Day Camp
  • Basketball Day Camp
  • Golf Day Camp
  • Pony Riding and Horse Care Day Camp
  • Horseback Riding and Horse Care Day Camp
  • Sports Climbing and Abseiling Day Camp
  • Summit Sports Day Camp
  • Orienteering Day Camp
  • BMX Day Camp
  • Inline Hockey Day Camp
  • Get Fit-Go Run Day Camp
  • Water Fun Day Camp
  • Water Frontier Day Camp
  • Snorkeling Day Camp
  • Sailing Day Camp
  • Ice-skating Day Camp
  • Gymnastics and Trampoline Day Camp
  • Fencing Day Camp
  • Dance Day Camp
  • The Amazing Race Day Camp