YMCA Specialty Camps provide campers with unique opportunities to gain exposure to new skills and experience in a fun and hands-on manner.

Campers are encourages to discover their talent as they work and practise with professional instructors. Various field studies are tailored in different camps as to fit the central theme of the camp.

Many of the Specialty Camps are among our most popular camps and spaces fill up quickly. Register early to make sure your child has an opportunity to build memories that last a lifetime!

Phase One Phase Two
  • Learning focus: independency, responsibility to self and others, choice making
  • Explore and discover interests and potentials; try and learn
  • Fun-oriented activities and experience
  • Mostly outdoors, some indoors
  • Learning Focuses: Cooperation, Positively adapt to limitations, Utilizing own strengths
  • Limited call-home times
  • Develop life-long skills and interests, Reflect on own actions and achievements
  • Challenge & empowerment-oriented activities
    and experience

Specialty Camps we offer:

  • Hong Kong Discovery Day Camp
  • Nature Detective Day Camp
  • Science Day Camp
  • Music Ensemble Camp
  • Astronomy Day Camp
  • Junior Robotics Day Camp
  • Reporters Day Camp
  • Drama Day Camp
  • Creative Arts Day Camp
  • Pottery Day Camp
  • Cookery Day Camp
  • Photography Day Camp
  • Go Girls Day Camp
  • Young Diva Day Camp
  • Supreme Science Day Camp
  • Super Science Day Camp
  • Future Einstein Day Camp